Nothing Like an Afternoon Napa


Sally loves her waffles

After spending the night at the Old Crocker Inn, a converted hunting lodge that has become a delightful bed and breakfast, and eating the promised hearty breakfast, we headed into wine country. Sally’s brother Jim and his wife, Jill had visited a vineyard two years ago and recommended Jericho Canyon to us. We were able to secure a spot and were taken in their Polaris on a tour of the vines.  Peter, Tara and Nick tended to us with good humor at our novice questions and served up a Savignon Blanc and a selection of Cabernets for our tasting. We enjoyed the visit and know why Jim and Jill so highly recommended it to us.


A tribute to Stevenson’s brief homestead

We stopped in a deli to grab some food to take on a picnic in the Robert Louis Stevenson Park.  There is no entrance, just a wide place to pull off the road and a one mile hike up to what used to be his homestead.  There is a small monument that sits there now with a granite book atop a pedestal.

We finished the afternoon at Bennett Lane winery where another Peter poured and we met a small group of women who used to all live in Virginia but are now scattered across the country. One of their number had died in an auto accident and Sally led a prayer before we parted.

Morning worship at St. Gregory of Nyssa

What a fabulous time we are having in San Francisco!  Staying with our friend, Maggi, and gaining a wealth of information about this city and community has been wonderful. Sunday morning, Maggi encouraged us to worship at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church where Sara Miles is a deacon of the church.  I (Sally) had read […]
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