Union Theological Seminary on Screen ~ The Normal Heart

There have been some great movies about the AIDS pandemic that plagued the gay and IV-using community in the ’80s. Philadelphia was a notable one. I was attending Union Theological Seminary during the years of that outbreak and that crisis wove its way into many, many conversations in the Pit, in the Chapel, in the refectory. We cut our theological teeth on grappling with this suffering. This past year another movie surfaced, The Normal Heart, starring Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons. The last scene in this movie shows Ned Weeks, the main character trying to enter back into his life. The quadrangle and the refectory at Union are the setting for this scene.

UTS Cinema #4

Tallahassee and Television ~ #14

Before ending this series, one last post: A brand new Netflix TV Show, Bloodline was made available back in February. It should be no surprise since the show is set in the Florida Keys, to hear a reference to Florida’s capital city. In the pilot episode of this series, starring Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, Sam […]
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Tallahassee and Television ~ #13

Today, we return to Lost and an audio clip from the official ABC podcast about the show. The podcast was released on February 20, 2007 and includes a conversation between two creators of the show, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. In this clip they are responding to comments made by viewers about what the show […]
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Tallahassee and Television ~ #12

Dating back to the last century, a show highlighting paranormal activity, The X-Files had several mentions of Florida’s capital city. One of these came in a 7th season episode called Millennium. Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, played by Dave Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, are involved in an investigation into the mysterious grave robbery of […]
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Tallahassee and Television ~ #11

Today we return to the groundbreaking television show, Lost. Last time we stopped in on this show (see here), Kate was buying a bus ticket to Tallahassee. That was part of a backstory in season two. Fast forward to the next season and the “Others” have captured Jack, which prompted a rescue attempt by John, […]
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Tallahassee and Television ~ #10

Today we turn to the HBO series True Blood. After almost every episode there is a brief related clip called Post Mortem. Following Episode 4 there is an interrogation of rogue vampire. In this backstory, one learns about the shadow world of vampire politics. The clip shares an interchange about the wealth of vampires and […]
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Tallahassee and Television ~ #9

Returning this week to television, here is a clip from the US version of The Office. Based on a BBC TV show, this mockumentary of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and their office employees and antics entertained us for nine seasons. Starring Steve Carrell, John Krasinki, Jenna Fisher and Rainn Wilson, this show won an […]
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