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It IS Alright!

Vance Rains’ son, John Rains, asked our son, Ben if he wanted to sing in a music video they were going to film this past year.  John did an awesome job producing this video.  Stick around to the end and see the serendipitous moment when horses wandered into the shot.

Abby’s creative juices

Our daughter has been working on an original song she could sing and play at the College Conference at Montreat in January.  Today is the day before Thanksgiving and we have all gathered in Lake Junaluska for the holiday.  I asked Abby to play some of her new songs for me and she played this […]
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Steady as You Go

Our good friend, Phil Westra, passed away last week from a massive heart attack.  We first got to know Phil and Polly and their four children when we served Fulford United Methodist Church in North Miami Beach.  He loved to sail, a stiff wind at his back; a purist who refused to put a motor […]
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Good Friday Prayer at Trinity UMC

Today, United Methodists from across Tallahassee gathered at Trinity United Methodist at noon for Good Friday worship.  I was asked to pray the pastoral prayer in the service: Holy God, We are gathered together here as the scattered Wesleyan people from across this southern capital city to sit in the silence of this sanctuary as […]
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The Creative Genius of Steve Jobs

In May of 1984, I bought my first Macintosh computer.  My grandmother had heard of PCs and offered to help me buy one.  I went into the store fully expecting that I would walk out with an Apple IIe which had been introduced the year before using big floppy discs.  But the Mac had come […]
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Melodic Memories

One of the great things about this trip was the serendipitous discovery of music around every corner.  In pubs, at subway stops, on street corners, in people’s homes we were blessed by a wide variety of music everywhere we went.  Our children have introduced us to so much new music over the years which has […]
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All shades of green

We have been back a week from our vacation to Ireland and Paris, and have many more sights and sounds to share. We will work on those as time allows. One of the striking things about Ireland is how lush and green the countryside is everywhere you go. When we were on the plane flying […]
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A peek into the Orsay Museum

The Disciples Running to the Sepulchre painting by Burnand
There is one image from the Orsay museum, which we visited on Thursday afternoon, that Clarke wanted to share. It is by Swiss artist Eugène Burnand, painted at the end of the 19th century.  Peter and John are rushing towards the empty tomb on Easter morning.  If you click the picture to see an enlargement, notice […]
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