We are the Campbell-Evans Family, Clarke, Sally, Abby, Zach and Ben and this blog simply contains updates from the family.  Please subscribe to get these updates in your newsfeeder.

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  1. What a wonderful gift this blog is . . . at the present for Campbell-Evans fans to enjoy as we follow you on your trip AND for your family to enjoy over and over again later. Thanks for sharing. Meg

  2. Terry and Carol Broadway says:

    We too are enjoying your blog of Ireland and look forward to France. Will you be anywhere near the Tour du France?? Thanks so much for including us. Carol and Terry B

  3. Robert Parsons says:

    Great Blog. Seriously!
    What are you shooting it on?

  4. Terry B: that C. Evans that has been third in the Tour is me! Not bad for vacation, eh?!? A third-row seat ain’t half bad!

    Rob: I’m using a Sony HDR CX160 video camera. And iMovie to edit.

  5. Such a great family with diverse and authentic voices, you are all a blessing to my life. I will miss Mr. Phillip J. Westra eternally. His vision was global. Time to recertify myself.

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