A Reflection on a Day at Robben Island

On Saturday, we boarded the ferry over to Robben Island.  Brett Opalinski posted his reflections (below this post at http://southafricavision.tumblr.com) about the ferry ride over and walking through the prison and seeing the cells where the prisoners were housed.  Just before we boarded the ferry back to Cape Town, I asked Stephanie Moore Hand if she would give us her thoughts on seeing this historical place that represents so much of the pain and hope in the South African struggle for freedom.

One thought on “A Reflection on a Day at Robben Island

  1. Pam Shoffner says:

    Thanks be to God for your reflection Rev. Stephanie Moore Hand. How awesome for you to have this opportunity. Looking forward to hearing more about your being a part of this historic journey! Praising God for & the others on this trip. Peace, Pam Shoffner

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