Our first day in Paris

The first morning we woke up in Paris, we oriented ourselves to the Metro system and headed off for Notre Dame Cathedral with plans for a walking tour that gives a primer on the history of the city.  As we were changing trains, we climbed stairs and headed down this long hallway.  As we did, we heard string music which seemed a ways off.  As we got closer through the narrow hallways of the underground system, the swelling of the violins and cellos wafted our way.  We turned a corner and to our delight a string ensemble was crowding the transition point between trains.  Their music provides the backdrop for some video of our first full day in France.  The background noise comes from the chatter in the train station while the concert was underway.

Note:  we know that some of you have wondered what we’ve been up to, since we haven’t posted in a while.  Our days have been full from early until late and eaten into our time for reflection and video editing.  We’ve got some great things to share and will do so as time permits!  Thanks for joining us on this journey!

One thought on “Our first day in Paris

  1. That Parisian beauty Ben is talking with looks very familiar! Meg

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