Melodic Memories

One of the great things about this trip was the serendipitous discovery of music around every corner.  In pubs, at subway stops, on street corners, in people’s homes we were blessed by a wide variety of music everywhere we went.  Our children have introduced us to so much new music over the years which has awakened a great love for much more variety than we had before they came along.  In the video clip below, we share with you a few bars of the musical variety we experienced while we were all over Ireland and deeply immersed in Paris.

One of the recordings we wish we had gotten was when we visited a pub to listen to Irish music but had left the camera back at the B & B.  We heard an Irish folk singer named Tim O’Riordan, who is known for penning the famous #1 Irish hit Langer.  The whole pub was swaying and singing at the top of their lungs:

Langer…  Oh, Langer…

The meaning of which he described as “if you’re from New York, you’d be a schmuck.  If you’re from California, you’d be a nerd.”  After hearing the song, I’m not so sure he was adept at translation…

At any rate, enjoy this sampling!

One thought on “Melodic Memories

  1. So HAPPY you all had such a great adventure (musical and otherwise) and a wee bit jealous, too!

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