All shades of green

We have been back a week from our vacation to Ireland and Paris, and have many more sights and sounds to share. We will work on those as time allows. One of the striking things about Ireland is how lush and green the countryside is everywhere you go. When we were on the plane flying over, Clarke sat next to a retired farmer who tried his best to explain the agricultural economy and the current financial crisis of the country (at the heart of which was a real estate speculation bubble that burst ~ sound familiar?). But he went on at great length about how fertile the land was across the island.

While we were there we stayed at a couple of B&Bs on local farms. Our accordion-player, Tom Dillanes, in the video below and his wife, Mary were farmers who now rent out their yard out for a neighbor’s cows to graze. The night we stayed with them, we sat out in their sunroom for a good long time while Tom shared Irish music on a variety of instruments and Abby, Zach and Ben shared pop a cappella music with our hosts.  It was a fun night!  Everyone had a great time!  Tom provides the music to the sights we saw across the country in the video below.

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