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Tallahassee and Television ~ #4

For the past few weeks, I’ve been including references to “Tallahassee” in TV shows. Here is my next installation. This one is from the fourth season of West Wing, in the show The California 47th. President Bartlett and Chief of Staff Leo McGarry are in the Situation Room with Admiral Fitzwallace. The reference is to […]
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Tallahassee and Television ~ #3

This is the 3rd post in a series where I am sharing clips of references to Florida’s capital city found in TV series. I’ve been wondering if it is just a version of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, where you notice things that are suggested or familiar. Sort of like when you are in the market for […]
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Tallahassee and Television ~ #2

So a week ago I started a series in this blog about references to Tallahassee in TV shows. You can see that post here. So what is it about Tallahassee that attracts all these references? This clip is from Season 2 of Once upon a Time, an episode with the title, Tallahassee. It is part […]
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