Tallahassee and Television ~ #11

Today we return to the groundbreaking television show, Lost. Last time we stopped in on this show (see here), Kate was buying a bus ticket to Tallahassee. That was part of a backstory in season two. Fast forward to the next season and the “Others” have captured Jack, which prompted a rescue attempt by John, Kate and Sayid. John Locke has confronted Ben and is hiding in a closet when he overhears Ben ask Richard to bring him “the man from Tallahassee,” from which this episode gets its name. This particular episode is full of plot-developing twists (e.g. why John was in a wheelchair on the plane before it crashed), but the episode ending reveal of who the man from Tallahassee actually is (no spoilers here) is one of the shocking reasons that some people loved this TV show.

TallyTV #11

Here is a bit of a teaser from the post two weeks from now: We will be finishing this run of Tallahassee in the media by returning to Lost and listen in on two of the co-creators of that show as they discuss what this city means for the series…